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Student Bulletin - Wednesday 21st June

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Student Bulletin - Wednesday 21st June
by Ashley May - Wednesday, 21 June 2017, 8:31 am

Whole School
Next Monday there will be a cake sale in the audi at break time. Please bring some money with you so you can buy a cake.

Dare not to swear bands on sale during tutor time and in the Auditorium at break and lunch time.  Don't forget your £1 to support Student Council.

H Factor acts - Please come ​promptly​ to your sound check!
Alice Reid                1:15     
Eray Tozer                1:20
Faith Gove                1:25  
Harmony Talbot            1:30  
Katie Phelps           1:35          
Jula Kinross              1:40   
Lani and Rob Clayton     1:45   
Kiera, Felicity, Phoebe   1:50   
Becky, Tegan, Sara        1:55     
Zoe Ward,                 2:00

Year 7
x half of the year group have their PE test period 1 today. Can each class go directly to the following classrooms at the start of P1:
Mrs Winnett - E8
Miss Escritt - E9
Mr Haysom - E11
Mr Cole - E12

Year 8

Year 9
Maths Year 9 JPT to E7, not library please.

Year 10
Year 10 Actors, remember you have a rehearsal for The Crazy Sexy Cool Girls' Fan Club tonight from 3pm to 4pm in the auditorium. Yes, I know it's hot. Mr Manson.

Year 11

School Lunch Menu
Roast Beef
or Roast Vegetable Parcel