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Student Bulletin - Tuesday 27th June

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Student Bulletin - Tuesday 27th June
by Ashley May - Tuesday, 27 June 2017, 8:27 am

Whole School
If you are involved with the swimming gala at Rookwood School this afternoon, please register with your P5 teacher at 1.20pm and then come to the Gym to meet with Mrs Winnett.

The LRC and Library is closed at break and lunch today.

Year 7
Please may Luis Oliviera, Alex Meakin, Shayla Kew and Connor Gimore see Mrs Salmon at Breaktime today - in E4A (about their Rivers HLP).

Science club is not on today after school. It will be back on next week.

Year 8

Year 9

Year 10
I would like to hold a meeting today at break time in the gym with the following senior prefects. It is really important that they attend this meeting as I would like cover their involvement in induction day next week:
Jess Wall
Jason Burkwood
Paige Bradbury
Martez Cope
Emily Cox
Jack Donner
Makayla Easen
Callum Hammett
Dan Gregory
Emily Eaton
Tom Wesr
Katie Jenkins
Abi Loader
James McDermott
Ciara O'reilly
Owen Redstone
Emily Tunney
Joe Smith
Katie Phelps
Jack Flood
Jonah Newton
Jade Joy
Kayleigh Wheeler
Zara Davis
Jake Pembry
Laren Baugh
Ethan Ingley
Ollie Smith

School Lunch Menu
Beef Chilli With Rice
or Roasted Vegetable Lasagne