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Student Bulletin - Tuesday 25th July

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Student Bulletin - Tuesday 25th July
by Ashley May - Tuesday, 25 July 2017, 8:05 am

Whole School
We will hold a whole school assembly today in the Sports Hall. Students should return to tutor rooms at the start of period 3 and then wait for bells to signal when to come down to the Sports Hall (1 ring for year 7, 2 for year 8, 3 for year 9 and 4 rings for year 10). Students should leave bags in classrooms and return to tutor rooms at the end of the assembly.

Year 7
If you had Mrs Collins for Art on Fridays lesson 3 and 4.  Please collect your black sketchbook from E5 at break time.

If any of Mrs Salmon's Humanities class would like to take their river profiles home please see her at break or 12.45pm in E4A.

Year 8

Year 9
Could Meghan Parkes please see Mrs Collins at registration Tuesday in E5.

Year 10

Year 11

School Lunch Menu
School closes at 12.45pm, please buy food items at breaktime.