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Student Bulletin - Friday 8th September

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Student Bulletin - Friday 8th September
by Ashley May - Friday, 8 September 2017, 3:28 pm

Whole School
Could all students with Miss T Fowler (TMF) on their timetable go to E2 (Miss Gibbs's old classroom) for their lessons regardless of what their timetable says.

Auditorium Queues
12.45pm till 1pm
•    Year 11 students can go straight to queue in the auditorium
•    Year 9 and 10 students queue outside the auditorium in the corridor and wait for instructions from prefects and staff
1pm till 1.15pm
•    Year 7 and 8 students queue outside the auditorium in the corridor and wait for instructions from prefects and staff. Year 7 will continue to have an early lunch for the remainder of this week and therefore will queue before year 11. They will queue at 1pm with year 8 from Monday.
Students only need to queue if they are buying food.

Outside Hatch and Eat Well Pod Queues
There is no restriction as to when you can queue for snacks from the outside serving areas. At the outside hatches please queue for the hatch labelled with your year group.

A reminder of wet break areas where students should head if they hear a long bell signalling that it is a wet break:
Yr7 Humanities (1st Floor of Main Block)
Yr8 Maths
Yr9 MFL (2nd Floor of Main Block)
Yr10 B Block Upstairs (English)
Yr11 B Block Downstairs (English)
Please remember that a long bell not only signals that start of a wet break but also signals the end of wet break arrangements. If the bell rings again before the official end of a break time (indicated by a short bell) then staff and students should leave wet break areas and return to outside areas or areas such as the auditorium.

Year 7
Please can all Year 7 students remember to bring back their reply slips regarding the Year 7 Information Evening that will take place next Monday. Students will not have to attend this evening, but it is important that at least one parent is able to come. Reply slips should be returned by Friday at the latest.

Year 8
Please could  Girls HPV Forms be returned to Mrs Preece in the Student Welfare office as soon as possible, if you need a new form please come and collect one.

Year 9

Year 10

Year 11

School Lunch Menu
Battered Fish & Chips
or Macaroni Cheese