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Student Bulletin - Tuesday 26th September

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Student Bulletin - Tuesday 26th September
by Ashley May - Tuesday, 26 September 2017, 8:43 am

Whole School
Please can you remind all students that the computer rooms L3, L7 and S1 are available for Homework and revision during lunch time. A minimum of 2 of the rooms are open ever day.

If you had your school photograph taken last week and haven't received a copy yet, please see Mrs Burton in the Finance Office.

Today the school is celebrating the European Day of Languages.  In tutor time today, we have a quiz for you to complete, and your teachers will be using other languages, such as greetings or key phrases during their lessons.
You can hear staff speaking other languages at the following:
If you have brought in a cake for the Great European Bake Off, judging by Mr Serridge, Ms German and Ms Law will take place at lunchtime today.  The cakes will then be offered to parents at the Open Evening.   
Winner and runners up prizes will be handed out at assemblies and all participants in the Bake Off will receive a certificate.

If you're performing this evening as part of the School of Rock Showchoir please remember to return your slips to Mr. Pollard asap

Year 7

Year 8
Year 8 Art club is going to start next Tuesday. please come and see Mrs Collins in E3 today at BREAK time to sign up and to hear about an art opportunity which will take place TODAY!

Year 9
Any year 9 boys who wish to play rugby against Wellington next Thursday need to come to training this Thursday (28th) or see Mr Reed if the can't get to training.

Year 10
Can Mrs Brown please see the following year 10 students tomorrow during tutor time in H5? They are not in trouble it's about the Jack the Ripper trip: Jack Borg-Neal KRJ, Cameron Dunlop KLW, Abbie Furzey MEH, Shaun Martin VT, Connor Stedman VT, Kian Terry KRJ, Hannah Wallder FLC

Year 11
Could Emily Cox please come and see Mrs Winnett in M1 during registration this morning.

Maths 1:1, please can these students go to L11 at the start of tutor: Charlie Masters, Jemi Phipps, Josh Barnes, Jake Atkinson, Luis Hardy, James Cooper, Ami Shearing, Molly Daly, Paulina Borek.

All prefects to the gym once registered, apart from those with a maths 1:1.

School Lunch Menu
School closes at 12.45pm today, please buy food items at breaktime.