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Student Bulletin - Monday 9th October

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Student Bulletin - Monday 9th October
by Ashley May - Monday, 9 October 2017, 8:31 am

Whole School
There is some scaffolding outside the English block this week. For your own safety, please keep right away from this and do not crowd or queue up outside the block at the end of break and lunch.

There is still far too much rubbish being left on the field and around the school - please use the bins provided or we will need to consider closing off some areas.

The Reward trolley will now be available at lunchtime on Wednesdays and Thursdays from 12.45 to 1.15 pm in the Library Corridor.  Your tutors will need to stamp the reward space on page 23 of the Student Diary before you can collect a reward. To collect your reward, come to the library corridor between 12.45 and 1.15 with your diary open at page 23 ready for the trolley staff to check and stamp when they give you your reward.

Year 7
Could all year 7/8 girls interested in playing a football match this week please see Miss Orchard at lunchtime in C1 to receive a letter.

Year 8
Year 8 Football, Thursday, Home, Winton, KO - 3.30pm, Meeting L8 Thursday Break:
Edward Davies, Jack Fielding, Hasan Ali, Bertie Jones, Makhi Twigg, Alex Pardy, Luke Davis, Oliver Romero-Taylor,  Paul McDermot, Niall Close,  Morgen Durrans, Salem Barahmeh, Hatem Hassan, Caleb Birmingham, Charlie Holloway, Luis Oliveira.
No Football training on Tuesday.

Could all year 7/8 girls interested in playing a football match this week please see Miss Orchard at lunchtime in C1 to receive a letter.

Year 9
Year 9 Football Wednesday, Home, Test Valley, KO 3.45pm, Meeting L8 Wednesday Break:
MacKenzie Crook, Josh Williams-Banks, Matt Noyes, Mason Ardron, Scott Walker, Aston Mussell, William McDermott, Jake Bartlett, Dillon Willard, Finn Belbin, David Chubinitze, Tom Coales, Oliver Pitts, William Budden, Eddie Maloney.
No Football training on Tuesday.

Can the following please go to the IER room: Sam Armstrong, Josh Cooper, Alicia Lund, Alfie Ritchie, Livvy Myers, Riley Brown.

Please can all catering pupils taught by Miss.Alm go to DT2 at lunch.

Year 10
Could all year 10 students going on the Jack the Ripper trip please come to a meeting in H5 on Tuesday 10th at lunchtime.

Thank you to the Year 10 students that have signed up to shadow our Peer Supporters.  Our first training opportunity will take place on Monday Lunchtime in S2.  Please bring your lunch along with you.

Year 11
Peer Supporters please attend training on Monday lunchtime in S2 you will also get to meet our Year 10 volunteers.  Please bring your lunch with you.

Yr11 footballers please meet Mr Peebles very briefly in his room at the start of break.

Prefects - please remember to make sure that you are on duty when you are supposed to be and for the entire time of the duty. There are still far too many duties unattended or just being staffed by one prefect. Please do not hang around with prefects on duty if you are not on duty yourself. The prefects positioned in the corridor by the library on Wednesdays and Thursdays at lunchtime will be expected to help run the rewards trolley.

School Lunch Menu
Sausages & Mash
or Vegetable Chow Mein